Home Page

The home page is the page that will load at the root of a jekyll-bonsai site.

This will be the first page to load for the site and to navigate to the archive page, just click on πŸ•.

Markdown 🐝

This file is not optional: Add an index.md at the root of your project with the following frontmatter:

layout: home
title: <your-title-here>


Config 🐝

Defaults are listed below:

      enabled: true
        - digi-gard.orient.bonsai.md
        - website-type.wiki-blog.md
        - digi-gard.md
        - features.visit.site-nav.graph.md
        - features.create.doc-type.entry.md
      enabled: true
      cap: 5

Notable: Documents that orient the visitor to your site. Help give newbies an understanding of what the blog, wiki, or site’s main purpose is. List the filenames under the docs setting.

Recent: Are the documents that were most recently updated. Set the number of documents under the cap setting.