The graph and entry-local navigation will properly handle missing links and entries:

Both graph types will display empty nodes with a β€œMissing Entry” tooltip.

In the tree, a missing entry is when there are namespaces in filenames that don’t have a corresponding entry – like the parent for this entry which is called β€œmia”1. As a result, the entry head and entry links will print greyed out namespace text instead of clickable links.

In the net web, a missing entry is when there is wikilinked text with no corresponding entry. The text and wiklinks will print [[like-this]]2.

  1. e.g. This entry’s filename is features.site-nav.graph.mia.missing.md and there is no features.site-nav.graph.mia.md file. ↩

  2. e.g. There is no entry with the filename like-this.md. ↩